NCLC Laser Certified TM
National Council on Laser Certification
National Council on Laser Certification
• Certified Aesthetic Laser Operator (includes Hair Removal Specialist)
• Certified Laser Hair Removal Specialist
• Certified Laser Hair Removal Supervisor
• Certified Medical Laser Safety Officer
• Certified Laser Repair Technician
Training Programs
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Individuals who have had proper training with any organization may make application for Laser Certification by taking the exams and meeting the other requirements of certification. You may schedule testing with proctors who are available worldwide See Exam Locations and download the Certification Handbook for requirements (both links at the left)

The NCLC itself does not offer training but our parent non-profit training organization and affiliates do.  We would recommend that if you need initial training to qualify to take the NCLC exams that you utilize these groups (see affiliates & training at the left). These groups are also authorized to administer the NCLC exams to qualified individuals at the end of their training courses which makes testing very convenient for the student, and you benefit from the intensive review session provided prior to examination.
Laser Certifications
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